Helping people create a dolce vita.

For over 25 years, I’ve helped people create a dolce vita by connecting to their purpose and continuing their legacy for the future.

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About Dawn

A former engineer, Dawn is also a best-selling author, a certified coach, and a motivational speaker.

Within the span of a few years, she was divorced, laid off twice, moved three times, and faced her most challenging emotional and financial difficulties of her life. Rather than sink into old patterns of depression, Dawn overcame despair to design a life of passion, peace, and purpose.

She has spoken for the American Cancer Society, March of Dimes, WeightWatchers, and a defense industry contractor. A regular guest on CBS and Fox News, she has been featured in numerous media outlets.

Dawn and her husband, Bob, have taken gladiator lessons in Rome and driven vintage Vespas through Tuscany. Her research for the best gelato continues.

Coaching Certifications

Jack Canfield Certified Trainer

Success Principles Certified Trainer

Trainers who are certified in The Success Principles have spent countless hours learning from Jack Canfield and practicing his tried and true methods to bring greater success to audiences around the world. By becoming a Certified Trainer in The Success Principles, these individuals have demonstrated to Jack that they have intensely studied his material and are equipped to be teaching this work in your organization.


Certified Coach

Unhackable Certified Coaches help their clients learn a proven method to stop getting hacked and grow their businesses and fulfill their dreams. Human knowledge once doubled every 1000 years. Today, it’s every 12 hours. No wonder we can’t keep up! Work with Dawn Mattera today to close the gap between dreaming and doing.


I help people rekindle hope, create a fulfilling life, and make a difference in the world. If you need a speaker who can inspire and motivate your group on topics such as:

Staying Optimistic in Difficult Times

You Can Make a Difference

It’s Never Too Late to Reach Your Goals​

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Italian Proverb

"As long as there is life, there is hope."