About Dawn

Meet Dawn Mattera Corsi

For over twenty-five years, Dawn has helped people create a dolce vita by connecting to their purpose and by continuing their legacy.

A former engineer, Dawn is also a best-selling author, a certified coach, and a motivational speaker. Her coaching style offers proven techniques, heartfelt empathy, and a dash of tough love!

Within the span of a few years, she was divorced, laid off twice, moved three times, and faced her most challenging emotional and financial difficulties of her life. Rather than sink into old patterns of depression, Dawn overcame despair to design a life of passion, peace, and purpose.

She has spoken for the American Cancer Society, March of Dimes, WeightWatchers, and a defense industry contractor. A regular guest on CBS and Fox News, she has been featured in numerous media outlets.

Dawn and her husband, Bob, have taken gladiator lessons in Rome and driven vintage Vespas through Tuscany. Her research for the best gelato continues.

"I'm still learning."

Michelangelo, Age 87