When life gives you lemons, make limoncello!

Here are a few more examples of that Italian spirit of perseverance: Chef Aniello Galano (La Floreana, Serrara, Ischia) streamed live concerts from his restaurant. Until we can all return, we can at least listen to classic Neapolitan music with a breathtaking view. Annalisa Pompeo took her cooking classes from Sicily to the world. Her online lessons have a twist: you order kits with all the ingredients (locally sourced, so… Read More »When life gives you lemons, make limoncello!

Zio Michele Ischia Italy

Are Traditions Still Important?

Often, I sign my letters, emails and book inscriptions with “Tante belle cose.” English speakers might translate this is as “Many blessings” or “Best wishes.” I started doing this after being with my Zio Michele (Uncle Mike) in Italy. Every time we would part, he would kiss me twice and say, “Tante belle cose.” Uncle Mike’s words were filled with so much that couldn’t be expressed: he wanted the best… Read More »Are Traditions Still Important?