La Bella Figura:
IItalian Secrets about Being Happy, Healthy and Hot!

Do you want to be happy, healthy and hot?

La bella figura has a figurative and literal translation. In this book, you’ll learn the Italian secrets for both: looking, feeling and being your best.

We’ll journey through the calendar with each month highlighting a unique aspect of the Italian culture and how we can apply it to our lives.

Each chapter also includes a recipe or two of Italian favorites with the fat and calories slashed. You’ll also see some twists on traditional favorites.

This book holds the spark to ignite your life!

Entertainingly delicious!

Ms. Mattera has written an entertainingly delicious cookbook that becomes a gift for your palate. The family pictures, stories and new takes on age old recipes makes one want to try out all the dishes.

– Stephen I, RI

Page 30 of La Bella Figura has an Italian proverb about “find a friend, find a treasure”. I’d change the quote to say, “He who finds this book, finds a treasure.” 

Dawn Mattera has written a positive, feel-good book with great recipes.

– Carol H, PA

The Italian Art of Living

The Italian Art of Living:
Your Passport to Hope, Happiness and Your Personal Renaissance

Do you feel like the world is plummeting into darkness and despair? Are you struggling to stay optimistic and tired of only existing? If so, this book is your passport to a happier, hopeful and more meaningful life.

With clarity and encouragement, author Dawn Mattera translates the Italian tenacity and passion for life into practical lessons. But, hold on to your cannoli! This is not about gondolas and pasta, but rather a guide to triumphing over trials, moving forward with hope, and encouraging others to join you. 

Your Italian lessons include:

  • Rising above challenges, fears and excuses so you can achieve your dreams
  • Triumphing over depression and unforgiveness to break free from the past
  • Discovering your priorities and purpose so you can make a difference
  • Embracing the best of your heritage to create a meaningful legacy


Dawn Mattera has written a love letter to life. Through the lens of her travels to Italy and growing up in an Italian-American neighborhood, Dawn introduces us to a cast of characters. She shares her life lessons with enchanting storytelling, passion, wisdom and wit. Carpe Diem! Read this book PRONTO!

– Lin Tucci, Two-Time SAG Award-Winning Actor

Dawn Mattera is providing a path for others to improve their well-being by incorporating the Italian culture into their lives. Dawn’s infectious enthusiasm to impart the Italian secrets of happiness she has learned through her lifelong association with Italian culture will inspire you to adopt them as well.

– Matteo Platania,
  Co-founder mi.o – modern Italian network

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso